Friday, February 24, 2012

Forget me not (Myosotis sp)

Tsoukarela, Pindos

Tsoukarela, Pindos

The Myosotis genus belongs to the Boraginaceae family and contains about 50 species that are commonly known as Forget me not (μη με λησμονεί). The name of the genus comes from greek and means mouse ear. The flowers are small in diameter and have 5 petals and their colour can be blue, white or pink with a yellow or white center.
According to a German legent when God was namming the flowers a small flower called "forget me not" and god said "that should  be thy name".  But there is another romantic story about the flowers name. A knight was walking along the bank river with his belved one when he saw a flower and wanted to pick it up for her. Unfortunatelly his armour was so heave that he fell into the river and before drowning he threw the flowers to his lady shouting "forget me not".


Joop Zand said...

These spring flowers are so lovely, nice photo's again.

greetings, Joop

Giga said...

To są moje ukochane kwiatki. Uwielbiam je :-). Pozdrawiam *** Αυτοί είναι οι αγαπημένοι μου λουλούδια. Λατρεύω τους :-). Δικός σου.

marijke said...

It's great to read the background story why we call this flower forget me not. Thanks I did not know.
gr. Marijke

DANI said...

Αχ, τι όμορφο !!! Το τέλειο λουλούδι και το τέλειο όνομα.

Greece's Flora said...

I love their colour and there are so nice that you cannot forget them!!

marijke said...

I realy like this plant full of flowers and beautiful color. Strange to realize the our modern plants once started with one of the wild.
gr. Marijke