Monday, April 30, 2012

Fritillaria (Fritillaria messanensis)

Profitis Ilias, Lefkada
 Fritillaria messanensis (fritillaria, φριτιλλάρια) belongs to the Liliaceae family and is closely related to the tulips. The name of the genus means dice box in Latin and refers to the pattern the petals have. The flower can be easily distinguished by its narrow leaves and broadly ovate nectaries. The flower has 6 petals each of them having a green stripe in the center of the petal. It likes sunny places and usually blossoms from March to April.
Profitis Ilias, Lefkada

Profitis Ilias, Lefkada

Profitis Ilias, Lefkada


marijke said...

What a fantastic flower. Wish I had it in my garden. Great captured.
Have a nice evening

CameraCruise said...

Great shots of the beautiful flower.
It looks like one I saw in the park the other day. But I'm not sure if your flower likes the cold/wet climate we have here.
Wish you a wonderful day.

Greece's Flora said...

dear Mette usually fritillarias like sunny places and the ones I posted were growing in well drained soil. but there could be species growing well under your conditions as well!!thank you for visiting!!

DANI said...

Μμμμ, στην Λευκάδα ? Πρέπει να πάω στο νησί και την άνοιξη κάποια φορά ... Τέλια !!!

Katerina said...

Ωραίες οι φωτογραφίες σου, αλλά αυτή είναι η F. mutabilis. Τη βρήκα κι εγώ την Κυριακή στα ορεινά της Λευκάδας. Η F. messanensis είναι προς το τέλος της ανθοφορίας της και δε βγαίνει τόσο ψηλά. Πάντως και οι δύο φριτιλλάριες είναι εξίσου όμορφες!