Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poet's Daffodil (Narcissus poeticus)

Narcissus poeticus or poet's daffodil (νάρκισσος των ποιητών) belongs to the Amaryllidacea family. It has a strong smell and one can recongise it by its snow white petals and its 
short yellow corona with a red edge. I came across this flower at Mt. Stroggoula (Tzoumerka) in 
the Pindos mountain range.
Narcissus poeticus is thought to be the flower that Nemesis, the godness of revenged, turned the beautiful youth Narkissos into. He was of such beauty that when he saw his reflection in a pond he fell in love with himself and died staring at his reflection unable to abandon it. Also Narcissus poeticus has been recognised as the flower that Persephone was gathering when Hades abducted her to Underworld.
Poet's daffodil is a toxic plant that can cause vomiting and irritation when eaten. It's smell is strong enough to cause headache and vomiting if a large quantity is kept in a closed room.

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