Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wavyleaf sea-lavender (Limonium sinuatum)

Limonium sinuatum or wavyleaf sea-lavender is part of the Plumbaginaceae family. It is native to the Mediterannean flora and it grows from a woody rhizome. It's name in greek is αμάραντα (amarada) or is some island of the Aegean sea προβάτσες (provatsas). Amarada is derived from the greek word amarados wich means the one that does not wither. This name fits them perfectly as when picked up they can stay in a vase (without any water) and do not decay. I have mine for half a year now and look as if I picked them up today!!! I found those in the seaside in Voidokoilia in Peloponnese.
They are used in dryflower compositions but they also can be eaten after cooking.

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