Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Norway spruce (Picea abies)

Picea abies or P. excelsa commonly known as Norway spruce or European spruce (ερυθρελάτη) belongs to the Pinaceae family. It needs low temperatures and in Greece can be found only in the Rodopi mountain range in high altitude (so this is where I had the opportunity to take this picture). Rodopi is the southern habitat of Norway spruce in Europe. It is an evergreen coniferous tree that has one of the longest cones among spruces. The cones are hanging downwards on the branches. It is very often used as a Christmas tree.


CameraCruise said...

Beautiful tree.
We use Norway spruce as a Christmas tree.

Greece's Flora said...

Unfortunatelly it's to rare here to use it in this way, but it must look lovely!

Giga said...

Świerk jest piękny, u nas też one są . Pozdrawiam.

Spruce is a beautiful, here too they are. Yours.